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♪ [music] ♪ – So hello again. I'm very glad to do a new video. You don't know, I'm sure you know I'm inspired by helping you to go to the next level and I would like to answer this question, a lot of people ask me how to go to the next level and it's a very important question because we know or we feel something inside us we feel that we have power, that we have an amazing potential and sometimes we measure how far… We measure the difference between a potential and our reasons, and the key today for me is to help you to reduce and decrease the distance between what you have inside in what are doing outside, and for that you have to remember the desire you have to grow and go to the next level. So first thing I would like to tell you, to say to you is then how much do you want to improve yourself and then how much do you want to go to the next level. and then how much do you want to challenge yourself. Okay, we have the number. It's very important because we can use it again and again. The more you remember what do you want the more you have energy to go there then I would like to ask you. Did you grow? Did you grow from the five past years? Can you see the difference between who you are today and who you were five years ago? Okay. And how do you feel when you see the difference? For myself it's amazing 10 years ago. Ten years, I am 25 today. Ten years ago I was 15 years old, I was shy, sick and I wanted to do a suicide and now I'm an entrepreneur, I'm well-known in France about what I'm doing and I want to travel the world in the first class and meet the most amazing people on the planet, it's crazy crazy. But the key was to be able to remember my desire to grow everyday and I continue because I'm not a hero and I continue to do that because sometimes I lose my faith and I want to keep back in remembering the journey ahead and I did. So how do you feel when you see how much you grew because it will help you to be very powerful. You know who you are in the present. It is the intersection, the mix between what you believe about who you were in the past and what you decide to be, who do you decide to be in the future. So when you understand that just in remembering all the powerful moments in your life it will help you to believe that you are a powerful man because you can't create powerful moment without being powerful. The outside is the consequence of who you are, what you are inside. So I forgot what I was saying but yes, just remind the journey you had. That is the key. So first, did how much you want to grow? Remember the journey and how do you feel? Take the time to feel it then what do you want? Okay, you want to go to the next level but what is the next level? You have to define it, not to define it one time you have to process at the destination. So you have to take time to define it everyday where you want to go, where do you want to go. What is the next level? The next thing you can do is why? Okay, you want to go to the next level, but why? Why is a wise motivation, that is the energy, there is the way to grow because if you don't know why obstacles and struggles will stop you but if you know why, if your why is enough powerful, if your why is very important for you, if your why is a why for yourself, and a why for the people you love, and a why for the world, why for your family, friends, children and company. If your why is enough, is strong your motivation will be unlimited. But time to have strong why can be long and hard sometimes so take the time to wonder why I want to go to the next level and why I want to achieve these specific things, and until you have 50 why I believe you don't know why you want to go there and again you will have maybe just one why which it will be the most powerful. So I started to give you answers and I'm very grateful for that. I would like to say to you again thank you very much. Just create the most amazing life you can. You are amazing and I want you to remember that, “I am amazing.” Repeat with me, I am amazing, I am extraordinary, I believe in myself, I decide to get back my power, I decide to hold on myself, I decide to take the action to be able to be proud of myself in the next years. I am proud of myself to dare to do this video in English in a plane full of English people but I know why it's very powerful. – [male voice] David Laroche is a motivational speaker and coach. The French newspaper, La Provence named him, “The wonder boy of self confidence.” And recognized him as the youngest trainer of human behaviour internationally. He has six million views on Youtube and gives more than 150 presentations per year, and he has interviewed more than 200 personalities on their success. David says, “It's possible and it starts now. It's not about what you know, it's all about how you apply what you know.” Be bold, take action, just dare it.