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What is the law of attraction and how we can use it in our lives ? – Bob Doyle

David Laroche : Hello achievers. Today I am with a new amazing expert. He's one of the teacher of “The Secret.” He's with me. He's Bob Doyle. Hello, Bob.

Bob Doyle : Hey, David. Great to be here. Thank you for asking.

David Laroche : How are your today?

Bob Doyle : I'm doing awesome. Thanks.

David Laroche : I have a lot of questions to ask you, but my first question is who are you and how did you become a “Law Of Attraction” expert and teacher?

Bob Doyle : Okay. I'm just a normal guy. I was going through my life trying to find happiness to my career. Had a young family and I just really wanted to enjoy what I did for a living like most people. I started out in radio because that's what I always thought I wanted to do ever since I was a kid. My dad was in broadcasting and all that. So I studied radio in college and had a job and that did the whole thing. I did radio for about seven years, but it ended up that it was not the creative outlet I was hoping for. I worked in a major market in the US and there's always other people who are telling you what you can do and what you can't.

David Laroche : What you're going to say.

Bob Doyle : It wasn't the fun I was hoping. So I was pretty disillusioned. I ended up leaving radio and then I went into computers because multimedia computers and sound cards, they were just starting and it seemed like a nice extension of what I love to do in audio production. It seemed creative. It seemed like an avenue for me. I did that for a couple of years and that didn't give me the fulfillment. Then I jumped into creating web pages for people. Again, creative. I've always been a musician. Write music in the background. Just desperately trying to find a way to express myself. Nothing I was doing was really making me money. Like I said before, I had a young family. Money was important. I needed to do that. Ended up in a corporate job where the money was good, but I still couldn't hang on to it. I was still always in debt. It was always just really elusive. And I also knew that I was the world worst employee. I needed to have more creative control over what I was doing to earn a living and everybody else was telling me what I could and couldn't do and I just couldn't handle that. I didn't know anything about business, but I just knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit. I love the internet. I wanted to find something to do online. I ended up just trying to figure out why things weren't working. Why is it that I could have a nice job and still have no money? Where was it going? How was it leaving me? I'm a pretty traditionally a very mainstream thinker. My mother was a school teacher. Very analytical. I was just a natural skeptic. But I knew that all the things that I was doing that logically should have gotten me success. The business that I tried to start for myself. Nothing was working. So that's when I started to look down the metaphysical path for some answers. The new age ideas. They seemed very exciting this whole concept that we create our own reality and I'm learning about meditation and visualization, all of those things. It was just like, “Well, this seems so cool, but I need to understand that this is true. Not just some good idea. I need some science behind it,” and all of this. I was actually trying to learn this and teach it at the same time. Like I was really lit up by the concept that we could create our realities. I was a good communicator. I was a good writer. So I actually created a program about how to do this before I even had success with it. There's a lot of people in the industry who do that and I was one of those people when I first started out. Like I got it intellectually, but nothing was happening in my life and therefore, nothing was selling. Nothing I did was working there either. But I ended up quitting my corporate…

David Laroche : Just to be sure, you did the project and that you are not selling these projects?

Bob Doyle : I tried. It just wasn't moving. I was using all my internet marketing skills and everything that I was learning. Nothing was happening. I was like, “Why is this not working?” But I was so desperately miserable in my corporate job. I said, “I'm just going to quit and then I have to succeed. I have to figure this out.” So I did. I quit. I was $70,000 in debt. I had no safety net whatsoever, but I just couldn't go into work another day. It was killing me. I mean I really just felt like I was dying. I left and I really started studying the stuff that I was teaching. What am I not doing? At one point, I just had read all these principles about give it up to the universe. Let the universe handle the details. I'm like whatever. I didn't really know what that meant. I trusted that it was true, but I didn't exactly know how to do that. What does that really mean? But I reached such a low point where creditors were calling and the whole thing. I mean it was just a financial catastrophe. And I said, “All right. I'm going to stop trying to figure it out with my head and just trust this process.” The first thing I had to do was create a real strong vision of what I wanted my life to be rather than looking at what was wrong with it. That was my big problem in retrospect. I wanted more money. I wanted more success, but I was only focused on the fact that I didn't have it. Very important distinction when you understand “The Law of Attraction.” I started focusing on this is what I want my life to be. I want a career that I love. I want my own hours. I want to work at home. I want to express myself. This led to the sequence of events that would be too hard to explain right now, but it was just the way my intuition was…the way the universe responded to this vision and really holding the emotion around it was leading me down this path that led me from one person, one situation to another, and finally to a book that talked about the physics, the quantum physics, of our thoughts and beliefs. And the light just went on for me. That's when I realized, “You know what? I've been saying how much I want money, how much I want success, but my true beliefs about this area money's hard to come by. There's always going to be debt.” It doesn't matter if you love what you do, you just got to do something for the paycheck because that is the environment I grew up in. Those are the belief systems that were instilled in me and they were so deep. They were running at such a deep level that I didn't even think about them as beliefs. It was just that's just how it is. Even though consciously I was saying, “I want this. I want this,” inside…

David Laroche : …

Bob Doyle : It was only here, but the rest of my energetic system was saying, “Money's too hard. You can't get it. You won't hold on to it when you do get it.” Just a simple identification of that was what I needed to change it. That's when I understood that scientifically now there's a reason why nothing's working for me. If I can change my belief system, if I can do that somehow, then things can change for me.

David Laroche : What do you think is the main barrier for people beliefs?

Bob Doyle : Absolutely. Because they change. Your beliefs affect you emotionally. If you don't believe you can have money or wealth, then that's …you're probably bummed out by that. It's like, “I just don't believe I can ever get it. I don't deserve it. I'm not worthy.” All those are very negative emotions and they push away the possibility of having abundance because you're not allowing it. “The Law of Attraction” is about resonance. If you resonate with something, you will attract it. If you don't resonate with it, you can't. It's like trying to put two of the same polarity of magnets. They push each other away. The resistance works the same way. I'm saying, “I want a million dollars. I want a big house,” but inside I'm going…and I could actually visualize and get into the feeling of it for a moment. And when you do that, you actually are in resonance with it happening and the universe actually does begin to conspire to make those happen. Start to build the condition where it could happen. However, if you just do that visualization for five minutes or whatever and then go back to your old belief system, “Oh, this will never happen. When's it going to happen? This is taking too long,” you change your energy. So it's coming at you and then you push it away. Coming at you, pushing it away. This is why when people approach “The Law of Attraction” or any of these things like it's some sort of an exercise, it's very just temporary. They're just going to do it for five minutes here and then wait for the miracle. You have to change your predominant energy structure to be able to attract something significantly…

David Laroche : For example, a lot of people are seeing “The Secret,” but a lot of people don't have any resonance. Do you think it's the fact that they only see the movie, they do the exercise only one time?

Bob Doyle : Well, they can do the exercise a zillion times, but if they still hold on to the belief systems, it's still not going to show up. A lot of people saw “The Secret” and got this magical thinking idea,” Oh, all I have to do is visualize it and it's just going to appear.” Obviously that's not how it works. There's action that needs to be taken and there's all that inner stuff that needs to happen. Some people could watch “The Secret” and get it like this and immediately implement what their vision boards and all that stuff and see results immediately because they don't really have resistance. They just go clarity.” Oh, I'm going to put my attention over here on what I want,” and that's all that needed to happen. Well, other people watched the movie. They've got years and years of limiting beliefs and they try everything, but they're still testing it. “Well, let's see if the vision board thing works. Probably won't. I'll try this. I'll try this. Nothing works for me.” Then of course, it doesn't work because their energy system is pushing away all the results.

David Laroche : It's not magic. It helps you, but it's not magic.

Bob Doyle : Right. It isn't magic, but we're all very natural creators. If we were to walk around resonating with what we really wanted all the time without this resistance, it would just be a flow. We'd be in the flow and things would just occur. And there are people in the world for whom that happens. I mean look at these people and go, “What are they doing? They're not that much smarter than me. They don't have…What's the deal?” And the deal is they don't have the resistance that you have. Sometimes that's just they're fortunate enough to be born into an environment where they don't learn that money's hard to come by or whatever, or relationship. For some people it's money. For some people it's relationships. For some people it's health. We all have our various areas of resistance, but some people just don't have it and things work for them very effortlessly. And other people they got the resistance. They do all these activities and they say, “This doesn't work. This was a rip off. This was a lie. This is a fraud.” All of this stuff. But it's just because in a 90-minute film, there wasn't time to get into all of the intricacies, but it did a great job of introducing people to the concept that they have more control over their destiny and here's how you can start to do it. But
in no way was it complete for everybody.

David Laroche : I think that in listening to you the people are finding their own beliefs and how can overcome or break a bad belief.

Bob Doyle : Okay. There's lots of different ways. I'm a big fan of what is called release techniques. I mean you're releasing resistance. You're changing your energy. And there's more and more of them out there now that we're having a bigger understanding of what's going on energetically. So people who have an understanding of the energy system of the body and we're borrowing things from ancient Chinese technology thousands and thousands of years old to actually adjust how the energy is flowing through your body. There are processes that involved tamping. You may have talked to some people about EFT. That's a huge one for me. That was a technique that worked very well for me because I could understand it intellectually. Oh, I see where there's energy flowing through you. It's getting bottle necked here and there. There's blockages because of trauma or whatever it is, and you do this tapping or whatever, and it actually loosens things up. I could get my arms around it. It worked for me very quickly like the first time I tried it. Whereas there's other techniques that seem a little more, “Okay. I don't really see how this is going to work.” And so that right there, that thought process creates resistance around it working. I always just invite people try them all. Have a few of these release techniques in your arsenal because sometimes it's not always appropriate to tap for example. There might be other techniques like the Sodona Method where it's more just an inquisition and you can do that anywhere. Then there's other people. There's healers out there. Energy workers who actually can interact with your system and help you do it. You just have to understand whichever way you go you have to deal with it. There's no getting around releasing the resistance that's stopping you from having what you want. It's just not…

David Laroche : Do you think we can do it only in following videos or audios or we have to meet someone face-to-face?

Bob Doyle : Well, that's going to depend on the individual.

David Laroche : Let's consider I have the belief that money create conflict. How can I manage that?

Bob Doyle : Okay. The first thing, it's helpful if you know where the belief came from. You don't have to, but it's really helpful if you can look and say, “Okay. I got that from my parents.”

David Laroche : I choose this example because I had this belief. For example, it was my parents. Yes.

Bob Doyle : When we're kid, we're wide open. We just accept, accept, accept, accept. There's no filters. We're not evaluating. We don't ask for proof or whatever. Because they believe that, then they've attracted that evidence. So it's true for them that money creates conflict. You see it. You have no reason to believe otherwise because there's evidence right in front of you.

David Laroche : Yes.

Bob Doyle : But if you can also look out in the world and see where money doesn't create conflict, then you can understand, “Well, it's not a universal truth. Yes, money creates conflict in a lot of places, but it doesn't create conflict everywhere. So it doesn't have to create conflict for me.” Just that intellectually understanding where you can break away from this idea that it's absolute truth that money creates conflicts allows you an opening to go, “Okay. Well, then I wonder how could I adopt this belief system.” One way is to go through these release techniques and just work on this belief and change the energy. The other is to surround yourself with people for whom that is not a belief. Like sit inside their energy. Talk to them like you're doing. Get yourself in an environment that is not the one that's holding you back and get into one where people are…

David Laroche : Another kind of beliefs.

Bob Doyle : Totally different belief. And then you see new evidence. That will over time shift your energy. It's all about that predominant energy. What's the signal that you're sending the most to the universe? Well, that's what you're going to get the most of. It's about removing yourself from an environment and this is true for anything. Money or relationships or anything. Removing yourself from the environment that you have inadvertently attracted for yourself because you've been on autopilot. Again, as kids we're not taught this stuff. We're just truly creating and attracting by default. Not even knowing that we're in control of it. We're just coasting along.

David Laroche : Do you think it could be a good things to learn that to children?

Bob Doyle : It's absolutely essential. Children have to be on so many levels not just beliefs about money, but following their passion. Really knowing who they are. This is the core of everything is knowing who you are, what you're here to contribute, what you love to do and doing it, and playing it out on a big way. When it comes around to wealth, it's all about you attract wealth based on the value that you contribute to the universe. You put out value and you reciprocate it unless you're blocking it. Unless you say, “Well, I just have to give and give and give and I can't receive.” There are people out there who do that about themselves. In that case, there's just all this block. But if you're on a free flow and you don't have
that reason and that kind of system.

David Laroche : It's okay to receive. It's okay to give. I love to do both.

Bob Doyle : There's a flow and so the more you give, the more receive. That really is true. Some people will test this and they'll say, “Well, okay. Well, I'll give $20 over here.” But again, they're just testing it. The belief system is this won't work. This is a lot of nonsense. “See? I gave this guy 20 bucks. I got no returns. See? I've been giving and nothing's coming.” Yeah, because you're saying no to everything. You're energetically saying no to everything with those belief systems.

David Laroche : I love that. You talk also about wealth. Just before I want to ask you how we can get it. What is it for you?

Bob Doyle : You have to define what wealth is for you because the typical…especially in America or Western thinking, is wealth is money. Everybody just focus on, “Well, I got to get money. I got to get money.” Well, I can tell you as being a person who went from nothing to a lot of wealth, that's not where the happiness is at all. You don't feel wealthy. If you're not happy and if you don't have your health and all of that, you don't have that sense of wealth. Now one of my basic definitions when I was first starting out was wealth is being able to do what you want when you want. It's pretty simple. That means you have the resources. You're in the right place with the people in your life. It could be the money. You'll feel wealthy. If you can do what you want, that's why people want money extensively is so they can go anywhere or buy anything. Just have the life they want. I'm saying that, “Okay. Well, money maybe the path to that
depending on what you really want in your life, but it may not be.” There's plenty of people who feel extremely wealth and abundant and prosperous which much less than even just a middle class American would have because they're happy. They're living their purpose. Life is giving them everything they could want and it's not a dollar amount. So a
person who is destiny We've been so indoctrinated to believe that wealth is about a dollar amount. That there's plenty of people out there who could feel potentially wealthy and feel really happy and feel fulfilled doing whatever it is that they do. Making a modest financial living, but being really, really happy. But we've been indoctrinated to think, “Well, if we don't make six figures or seven figures, then we're not wealthy,”and that whacks us energetically. And so people who are this close to feeling extremely wealth and happy and fulfilled don't because they have a belief that's been indoctrinated into them that they have to have this amount of money to be that. When you can learn that it's not about the money, it's truly a feeling. It's a mindset. It's way of being. It doesn't require a dollar amount. That's the first important step. But the funny thing is is that even if you are…if you're clear that wealth to me is not about money, it's about being able to contribute, share my gifts or whatever, and you allow that into your life, what's probably going to happen is you're going to make more money. You're not thinking about it. For me, I remember that when I was thinking and I started this business. I was selling “The Wealth Beyond Reason” program. For the longest time, at first I'm looking at the money. I'm looking everyday how are the sales. I'm looking at the money wondering how I'm doing because it's a new business and I'm changing my life dramatically. Things are happening. I'm actually making money. I'm loving it. So I'm looking at it. But then I got to a point and it was always okay. I was making a living, but it wasn't like phenomenal from the outside looking at monetarily. But I got to a point where I stopped looking at the money and really focused on the value I was contributing. What more can I give to my people? How else can I serve them? What other features can I put into the program? That kind of thing. And I stopped looking at the money and really focused on service. And then a few months later or whatever I decided to look at the money and I was like, “Wow. Where did this come from?” This was like before “The Secret.” So it wasn't about to see all those that obviously that changed my life and my business in numerous ways, that wasn't the thing that did it. What did it was my attention on how can I serve.

David Laroche : Maybe you attracted “The Secret” because of that.

Bob Doyle : I'm very clear that I attracted “The Secret” because my mission, my vision is the exact same as Rhonda Byrne who created the film and that is get this message to as many willing minds as possible.

David Laroche : YouTube.

Bob Doyle : Right. Exactly. I wasn't ever thinking about, “I want to be in a movie about “The Law of Attraction.” This wasn't on the vision board or anything like that. My vision was clear. I want to reach as many people as possible who are willing to listen to me. I don't argue “The Law of Attraction.” I don't debate it. I am not some kind of an evangelist for it. I have knowledge about it and I love to teach it for those who are willing to learn, who can open their minds. They don't have to understand it all. They don't have to necessarily believe it, but I don't want to deal with people who want to fight me on it. Okay. Maybe there's other teachers who would like to do that. For me, my vision is this is fun. It's creative. I attract amazing people who are inspired by this, who are lit up by it, who will take action on what I'm teaching, and then they'll see the results. It's too much energy to try and beat it into somebody.

David Laroche : To convert someone.

Bob Doyle : Like I said, maybe other people that's their mission. It is not mine.

David Laroche : Yes. Can you give me or give us steps to be wealthy?

Bob Doyle : The number one step and I cannot stress this enough is to create the vision. Now that seems obvious, but what happens is as people say, “Okay. I want a million dollars. I want the big house and I want all this stuff,” and they completely bypass who they are, what they're really about, what their passion is, and what they really want to be in the world. They're looking at the stuff instead of the experience of life. That's why they don't get it. They don't have the success with it because if they're just thinking money and they have no experience with wealth and they got a lot of resistance around it, it's just going to be a long road.

David Laroche : It's very important for me what you are saying because I just two weeks ago sold a training on a 920 to my clients in France. And the first step of my program is destination. So just sets your goals and your vision. I was reading just yesterday their dreams and goals. There was a lot of people who is a Ferrari and according to you, what I have to do to help them to see their goals differently than just a Ferrari?

Bob Doyle : My question to people when I'm helping them craft their vision, first of all I say, “Don't micro manage this. Don't say okay, I just want to focus on the money piece, or the car piece, or the relationship piece. It's the whole thing. “The Law of Attraction” affects every single aspect of our life and it's not something you turn on or off or activate. It's always, always, always impacting what your experience of life is. When you start to work with it intentionally which is what this is all about, we've always been plugged into it. We've had the power all along, but now we're trying to be intentional with it. If you laser in on money, well, you're ignoring all these other aspects of your life. Let's say you attract the money. You're able to attract the money. Well, if you haven't dealt with your primary relationships or your health, you're still not going to have that feeling of satisfaction or happiness that you want. It's all about really understanding what's the feeling because the feeling is the emotion is what basically tweaks that vibration. This changes the signal to what you're sending to the universe. It's not what the pictures in your head aren't doing it. The pictures on your vision board aren't doing it. It's your emotional response. That's what's changing your energy. That's what's telling the universe this is what is for me. It's always in the now, so that's why it's important to not be, “Well, one day I'll have this or one day I'll have this.” It's like you got to get into the feeling of now I have this which is tough for people because again, they got all this evidence they've attracted that they don't have it and all that. The vision has to be an all encompassing your whole life thing and the question I have people ask themselves is why must I do this? Because that is not about why would it be cool, why would it be fun, I mean all those things are nice, but why must I do this? Makes you ask yourself the question is why is this my mission? What will happen if I don't? What's the cost to the planet if I don't see my vision through? Because these types of visions, these inspiring visions, when you can get it where it's bigger than you and just what you want, that's when you have the shift. It's all about manifesting from the heart rather than the head because manifesting from the head, that's where all the noise is. That's where all the junk is. That's where all the filters are. That's where the judgments are and all of that. If you're only thinking here about what you want in your life, you got all that mess in there. But here there is none of that. When you can feel into your vision and feel the impact of you realizing it, so if you want to see…it's not about the money. It's never about the money. What are you going to do? Who are you going to be with that money? Because money is a how. How am I going to be this? The universe handles the hows, you don't have to. The more we try to figure it out, the more we actually slow the process down. So we focus on the end result. I'm sure you've heard this from other people you've talked.

David Laroche : Yeah, but I love the way you explained that.

Bob Doyle : You focus on the end result, and then the hows show up. The path unfolds in front of you and that's literally true. That's what happened for me as I had to stop thinking logically about well, why isn't my business working or how can I make it work more? What do I want and then follow the path…

David Laroche : You are saying that we have to feel something when you think about our dreams? Right?

Bob Doyle : Correct. That's why I was saying the vision board isn't the magic. The vision board you can look at all this cool stuff you want to attract and you're thinking about it. But what might be happening is you're thinking, “I'll never get that. How can I get that? That's too hard.” All of that. If it doesn't evoke an emotional response that is congruent with how you want to feel. When all this comes true, you're not attracting that. You're attracting more of whatever that response is. If you look at the vision board and you go, “I'll never get that,” the universe is responding with, “Okay. You'll get never get that,” and your circumstances will never line up because you are in alignment with not having it. Not being able to have it. That it's too hard.

David Laroche : Yes. How can we help people because for some people they write down their dreams and once you see that dreams, they feel something powerful but all those people are saying to me, for example, “Yes. I feel nothing.”

Bob Doyle : Yeah, that's resistance. Big time resistance. We've shut ourselves all from our emotions. We so believe we can't have it. It's less painful not to feel at all. You understand? Because if you look at it and you have just been beaten down that you can never have what you want or it's too hard, well, that's a really painful thought because you're basically saying, “I'll never have the life that I want. I'll never be happy.” No one wants to feel that. So they've just numbed out because they don't allow themselves to feel like they can have it because they've never been taught that they can. There's no evidence that they can, or they're afraid of disappointing themselves. They don't want to be this. There's a million reasons why they don't go the positive state, but they should don't want to go to the negative state so instead they just numb out. The best thing to do is actually to being armed with a release technique or somebody to help you through this process is go ahead and feel that negative. Process that. Feel the anger or the frustration or whatever it is about why you can't have this and process all that energy. You've got to let it out. There's another misconception around “The Law of Attraction” in general after “The Secret” was that you got to feel happy all the time. You got to think positive. This positive. And if negative thoughts, that's bad. No. We're equipped with this entire range of emotions for a reason. We have negative all the way…We are very, very sad, very, very happy, and everything in between. All these very, very sad stuff, this isn't bad. It tells you, “You're off path or there's an adjustment to make or whatever.” It feels bad for a reason. You're not meant to stay there. But we've actually been taught it's appropriate to be angry when this happens for, I don't know, this long. If someone cuts you off in traffic, you are supposed to get angry for an hour. We actually learned that stuff from television or parents or whatever. It's nonsense. It's a choice. Our emotional response aside from the initial moment that it happened where that's the universe guiding you back, the decision to stay in it and dwell is…it is that. It's a decision. It's a choice. And that's what keeps people stuck. They become that. We all know people who are just…they're the depressed person. They're the angry person.

David Laroche : A kind of level.

Bob Doyle : That's how they've identified themselves. In fact, so much so that when this whole idea of letting go of that becomes completely frightening. It's like it scarier to let go of all the limiting beliefs than it is to take the step into the unknown. Well, if I'm not this, then who am I? That's the importance of the vision. If you don't have a vision, you're right. It is very scary. You don't even know where you're going. I hate it, but I'm comfortable. There's that weird state of comfort. I've been this for so long, but I don't know if…

David Laroche : We can recognize that okay, we are doing the bad things . It's not to do the bad things.

Bob Doyle : It's not to do bad.

David Laroche : Yeah, It's just because it's my only way to…

Bob Doyle : That's all we know. That's why some people would look at “The Secret” and just actually get angry like, “How dare you say that I have control over this, or that I attracted this or whatever.” And what we're not saying is that it's your fault or that you're to blame. You didn't know. Most of us don't. But we live in a world now and one of the great gifts of “The Secret” is that at least we've been given the opportunity to try this on. And accept that as a potential possibility as opposed to feeling like imprisoned in this path. So many people think there's nothing they can do. This is just, “I'm in it. It's too late in life. I can't change it now,” all of that and none of that's true. You can change it at any time. My focus in fact has shifted somewhat from “The Law of Attraction,” just teaching “The Law of Attraction,” to reinvention, personal and professional reinvention. Because that's really what people are after. They want to change what their life is. They're reinventing themselves. But the truth about reinvention is that most of the time it's about your reinvention is actually you're reinventing back to your natural state. When we're born, we have all this potential. We have all this passion. If someone didn't interrupt it and instill us will all these limiting beliefs, we just flow on through successfully and it would just be great. And so we would be naturally who we are. But we get, what the term I use is deinvented, we get put into a school system where you're taught, “This is the way to think. This is what's appropriate. This is what's responsible. That's a dream. You'll never get that.” Who we are really gets changed into this really twisted version. I mean we're in there somewhere, but we're living somebody else's life, somebody else's beliefs and all of that. When I work with people on reinvention, it's about getting them back to who they really are so that they can really…and starting from scratch. Not about fixing problems. It's about saying, “We're going to start with a clean slate. What do you really want? Who are you? What's your dream,” and then they'll start to have that vision and then the resistance will come up. That's the part of the process. If you're thinking of something that you've never had before, it's bigger than you, of course you're going to have resistance because that's why you don't have it. The resistance is there. But when you feel it and knowing that, “This is just a belief. This isn't truth. This is just energy that's in me. This is just a belief. I got it from here. I can see out in the world that this isn't universal truth. I'm going to choose something different.”

David Laroche : We can say that the fact we have a resistance, it maybe because we have a dreams just after the resistance could be an indicator of what we want.

Bob Doyle : Maybe you should rephrase the question. It's an indicator of why you don't have what you want.

David Laroche : Yes.

Bob Doyle : If you think about money and you get a bad feeling, then you know, “Okay. I got resistance around money.” If you think about, “I want the perfect relationship,” and you go, “But I'll never get it,” then what's where your resistance lies.

David Laroche : Okay. I understand. So it was a first step to define what we want?

Bob Doyle : I just can't stress enough, “Why must I have it?” Yes, the first step is to create that vision and spend as much time as you need. This isn't an exercise you complete in two minutes. It's not like take out a piece of paper and right down what you want. No. This is a deep exploration because you're plowing through years and years of crap to really get clear on what really lights you up. It's going to be challenging because of all the resistance that comes up and you're going to slow yourself down from dreaming big because you're going, “Well, I'm not going to write this down because I could never get it.” No. Write it down. That is a slow process because as you continue to create this vision whether it's on paper or otherwise, it will evolve and evolve and get bigger and bigger as you slowly expand this energetic comfort zone. Get clear on what you want is not a throwaway step. It's the biggest step in the entire process next to the second step which is recognized and eliminate the resistance as it comes up. You must do that. People breakdown “The Law of Attraction” steps in many different ways, but getting the vision, releasing the resistance, and taking action on what the universe gives back to you. Because as long as you're clear on your vision and you got the emotion associated with it, you feel it in your heart. You got to have an emotional response otherwise you haven't hit the vision yet. You know what I'm saying? You got to dig deep enough where you tear up a little or something where you get the enormity of who you could be if you were unstoppable. Okay. So now the belief systems come up. You use whatever release technique to get rid of that. Now you're in open communication, if you will, with the universe. There's nothing blocking the communication or very a little, or at least a lot less than there was before. That means that you're going to be able to see the communication that's coming back and that's where our intuition comes into play. A lot of people think of intuition as a thought or whatever, but I also think about it as anything that shows up. It is the universe's response as to what you are communicating to it. So you just have to learn to recognize it. As I was saying to you about my story, what was showing up was a lot of these weird conversations that I'm going, “What is this about,” but that's what made me notice it. It was very different than what I'm used to. So I started asking the universe for something very different rather than looking at what I didn't have. I was focused on what I wanted. Then I said, “Well, how am I going to know my intuition when I see it or feel it or whatever?” So I thought well, I guess I'm just going to look for things that are very unusual. Out of the ordinary for what I have been feeling. I'm going to call that the response from the universe and I'm going to act on all of it.” The thing about that path as it open up is it didn't seem to be any logical connection between where I was and what my goal was. That's the part where we have to really stop and get out of our own ways. Stop judging what's coming up to us and just trust and follow. Take action. Because we have the intellect that we have and it's gotten us to the mess that we're in, whatever that is, whatever our starting point is. But we have access to universal intelligence which created everything. It's right there. I mean it's right there. We can hear it. It's amazing this creative vessel that we are as long as we don't second guess the intelligence of the universe. We create our vision. We eliminate the blocks. We listen to what it's saying and we take action on it and it just runs through. That will draw you down your path. What also happens sometimes is that you start with this vision. It's the biggest one you could come up with at the moment. You've done the work and you start down the path and then suddenly you say, “Oh my God. My vision has evolved into something else. Something even bigger.” It could change radically, but it will never have gotten to that point unless you took those first steps. You see what I'm saying? You start with this vision, it's awesome, it's very inspiring, and you get closer. Now it's even bigger. You just trust that and trust that.

David Laroche : Because you are finding yourself.

Bob Doyle : That's right. And as you allow bigger and bigger thoughts to come in and you recognize your own value more, it just naturally happens. That's how things can happen really fast. It's all about the trust and taking the action and stop and never second guessing what's coming your way.

David Laroche : Can we sum up? Because I think it would be a very helpful video. Can we sum up the main mistakes of the people just after “The Secret?” The main mistakes they do to not have resonance after “The Secret?” Can we sum up?

Bob Doyle : Sure. Okay. In no particular order. They get into the magical thinking mode. They think it's just about visualizing and then it's going to occur. There's action involved. Not understanding resistance. Not understanding that there's a reason when they think about their vision, that they have a negative feeling, that they must go through that process and learn some release technique. Probably one of the biggest ones is that they're going after something that is not really important to them. They're buying into the whole, “I got to have the car. I got to have the money to be happy,” and all of that. That's sexy for the movie. It got people excited because they can get that, but the happiness doesn't come from that. They spent so much time chasing things that aren't important because they didn't do that first step which is what I was talking about. What's your vision?

David Laroche : Yes. And why you want that.

Bob Doyle : Why. And really get clear as to whether or not money must be…don't worry about the money piece of it. If money is needed for your vision to be realized, it will show up.

David Laroche : If you want a lot of money, you have to find a big why.

Bob Doyle : It's a big why that would require that. Look, I'm not saying that it's about breaking even and the universe will just…you can have abundance and all of that stuff as long as you're clear how it fits into the whole big picture. And that your passion's there and you're giving and you're just being. You look at some of the wealthiest people in the world. They are also some of the biggest givers. And they're doing what they love to do.

David Laroche : Yes.

Bob Doyle : It's really about loving your life because the more that you sit on that feeling of passion, doing the things you love, well, think about what you're doing energetically. The universe says, “Okay. More of that. More of that. More of that.” And to be able to do more of that, well, you're going to need these resources. So this amount of money or we need to put you with these people. To have this feeling, well, we're going to need to put you in a boat. We're going to need to put you in this house. All of those things. But it's not for us to define necessarily and get attached to it must be this way. Those things like cars and money, they're great to inspire the feeling, but you can't get attached to well, if it doesn't show up just this way, how my mind is conceiving it, then it's not going to work because you're going to miss the whole thing probably. The universe will get you where you want to go as long as you don't fight it along the way.

David Laroche : Yes. I understand that. It's great. I would like to know your point of view because there are a lot of books on success and different angles and point of view, how do we know when we have to be persistent and when we have to letting go?

Bob Doyle : I think it's why must I do this. Right? If you know that you must do it, well, then persistence is always the answer. If you lose focus of why you must do it and it really is like you're just hitting your head up against the wall, it's not fun for you and you lose…even if you really dig into the vision and it's not calling to you that way, well, then maybe it's time to adjust course or whatever. But if you can maintain the “why must I do this,” then you just know it's just about continuing the persistence. Being clear on what the resistance might be. The whole resistance piece and letting go of it, that along takes persistence. We've got years and years of resistance as adults. Years. It's not like this weekend thing you're going to do and it's all going to go away for the most part.

David Laroche : Okay. How do I know or we know between to be lazy or just cool? For example, because I'm very persistent and very committed to make a different, but maybe sometimes I'm working too much. Sometimes I do those things, but there is a voice in my head, “Oh, you're lazy. You have to work.”

Bob Doyle : I would say how does that voice feel? Does that voice feel good? No, probably not. It sounds like that's an old belief system. You have to trust your body. People like us who take a lot of action on things and we're very driven and we have a lot of visions, sometimes we get so caught up and that we love it. We love it so much. We just do it and do it, but we still have our bodies and they still need to rest and our mind needs to rest. Sometimes it's good just to be quiet. If your body's telling you, “Take a break,” you listen to the body not the mind. The body is being very clear. Dude, rest. If the mind is saying, “You're lazy. You're lazy,” well, that's an old conversation. Your intuition, the universe, all of that, is not going to call you names. It may say, “Hey. Wouldn't you rather be doing this,” or whatever it is, but if it's a negative voice, you can pretty much write that off to, “Okay. That's not your mind voice. That's a voice that I heard that's a teacher, that's a parent…”

David Laroche : It's not me.

Bob Doyle : Whatever it is. But it isn't true. That's the idea. Look, you're driven. You're doing a lot of stuff. You know you're not lazy. You know you're not lazy. You're taking a break. And you need to take breaks to honor yourself so that you can continue to do the best job you possibly can. Most people do work way too hard. They burn themselves out. And that's why a lot of projects don't get done because they just burn, burn, burn, burn, burn and then burn out. Now the thought of going back to the project is like, “Oh, that thing that burned me out.” Whereas if you just relax the pace and took care of yourself along the way, it'll get done
probably even more efficiently. You'll feel better about it and you'll keep
excited about it. That if you burn yourself out, obviously you will not.

David Laroche : I love that. Thank you very much. Let's consider we build a program together. I want to during one year have them to get back the power, have the keys to succeed, and be happy with this life?

Bob Doyle : I'm excited about hearing you say that because that is a big passion of mine and that's a critical age. Like after high school, before college, or whatever. I'm not a big fan of most school systems anyway, but that leap from high school to college or university is like, “Okay. Well, this is what I'm going to do with the rest of my life.” And too many kids go from high school, they didn't like it. They're not clear.

David Laroche : I didn't.

Bob Doyle : They just go because it's time not because they have any clarity about what they want to do with their life. So taking a year to teach them about the importance of following their passion, and getting clear on who they are, and identifying any limiting beliefs that they might have taken with them all through their schooling, and really understanding that they…look, they can do whatever they want. Maybe it's college. Maybe it's starting a business. Maybe it's something else. But far too few people take the time to get that clarity. Then they go into college and then they get their college because that's what they said they were going to do. And then they go get their job and they get some excitement because they got the job. Four, five, six years, 10 years in, they're going…that little off courseness now becomes way off course. And now they're miserable and unhappy and now they're looking for reinvention. But if you take that time when they're young, I mean ideally would be even younger where they just are constantly nurtured in their sense of passion and possibility rather than being told that they can't do it or it's one in a million. It's like how can I nurture this? The kid who is a little kid who says he wants to be a policeman or whatever and the parent goes, “I don't want my kid to be a policeman or whatever,” so they say, “Well, whatever.” They put him down another track. Their desire to be a policeman may not be that they want to be a policeman, but there's something about their essence. They want to help people. They want to protect people. That's part of what their essence is.

David Laroche : They stop that as a parent.

Bob Doyle : Yeah, as a parent. That their passion or their whatever, isn't good enough or it isn't realistic and they take that on as a belief system and they'll carry it with them their whole life. And that's why they see something like “The Secret” or listen to me talk about it's never too late to change their sense of passion, and what they remember is someone that they believe told them they couldn't have it. And this guy they don't know and they'll him they can. That's a big leap. But if the calling is strong enough, maybe they'll listen to this guy who says they can. Maybe they'll do some of the things I asked them to do, releasing the resistance and so on, and creating that vision. It's going to be an emotional ride because they're going to have to face all of those limiting belief. At some point, they're going to come face-to-face with their power and that's going to be an amazing overwhelming moment when they realize, “I can have it. Oh my God. I can have it. So now what am I'm going to do about it?”

David Laroche : Great. Thank you very much.

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