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Ronda Anderson – Self confidence speeches for sales companies

Transcript of the interview of Ronda Anderson

David Laroche: I would love to have your opinion about something. In France, I do speeches, conferences, and coaching on self-confidence and how to take action and be motivated.
In my opinion, I think companies will not buy that. My clients in France are particular individuals. Currently, I, sometimes, work with CEOs in coaching; but, currently, I don't do speeches for companies maybe because I don't think they want a speech on self-confidence. I think they want something that will increase their income.
I have a few questions about that. Do you think I have to change that or do you think I can present that in another way?
Currently, I don't want to do speeches about sales. Maybe I don't have to work with companies. I have a lot of questions.

Ronda Anderson: The simplest and shortest answer is that it's all related. And you're right. Companies don't want to buy speeches about self-confidence because companies, as an entity, have a mission, a structure, and a purpose in the world. And the purpose of a company is to produce revenue and profit. That's generally the purpose of a company.
And if it's not producing profit, it's, eventually, not going to be a company unless it's some kind of a non-profit thing. But we're not talking about that.
So the purpose of a company is to produce revenue and profit. One of the ways the ways that people produce revenue and profit is by executing their functional role in the organization well like a well-oiled machine.
One of the ingredients to people functioning in their role really well is feeling very confident, motivated, and focused.
The internal state of the individual in the organization is what produces that end result the organization is looking for.
So all you have to do is tie those things together.
Again, you'd go to a company and you'd take a look at what it is that they're trying to do. What's the goal? What's the end result? Why are they in this game?
And then, you, personally, inside yourself, step that backwards into what you do: “Well, the way this particular company is going to achieve its goals is by increasing the number of customers it has. The only way it's going to increase the number of customers it has is if its sales teams start doing better or if they increase the size of the sales team or whatever.”
You would look to see what that was. But let's just say that their sales team is possibly underperforming or their operations team is underperforming; somewhere in the organization, there's underperformance.
When there's underperformance, what is there that always go hand in hand with that?
Lack of clarity and lack of confidence always go hand in hand.
When you have somebody who is really clear that what they're doing affects the end result and they're confident in their ability to get it done, it gets done, right? That’s the removal of obstacles.

David Laroche: Yes. So if I to change the title in doing the same thing, maybe “High-Performance Consultant” would be a better title for a company.

Ronda Anderson: Absolutely!

David Laroche: It's amazing because when I do speeches about self-confidence, my step is destination. You can't build self-confidence without a goal.

Ronda Anderson: Exactly!

David Laroche: If you don't know why you have to take action, you will not take action. It's not comfortable, so you won't do any action.
I'm sure it can help a company to grow. So I have to ask the company what they need and what goals they have. And maybe I have to change the title of what I'm doing to…

Ronda Anderson: To speak to it… so it's as simple as “Company X, where are you trying to get to? Where are you right now? What's in your way?”
And then, speak to what's in the way in terms of how you can impact that.
“What's in the way is this particular department. It never gets this done on time. And then, it impacts that department, and then it impacts that department.”
Then, you look at that. How does what you do shift that? It's dominoes because you know it's all related.

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