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Jake Ducey – How to overcome struggles?

David: I would like to know, during this travel, did you have some struggles?


Jake: Did I have some struggles? Before the travel was a lot of my struggles because I realized that I was gambling on the biggest risk of all, and that was the bet that I was gonna be able to buy the freedom to do what I want later in life after I studied stuff I didn't wanna do, and things like that. Then when I got into the journey, I actually lost all my bank cards in Indonesia and I had no money, and a family actually took me in. These locals live in concrete shacks that are, you know, 6 feet by 6 feet. There is no doors, no windows and these people took me in. And they actually gave me all their money in order to get a phone and call America and for me to be taken care of.

And so, I guess the biggest challenge was faith, was believe that everything was gonna be okay and that good things happen, which it did, absolutely. And then eventually I got a wired transfer. I got money transferred to me and I tried to give them money back, and they said, “I don't want your money. The purpose of money is giving without expecting a return, and we're here to give to other people.” And so, it was beautiful to see that just beyond my challenge was this huge opening, this huge life-changing experience.

David: That's great. I would like to know, you gave me one moment, one transformation moment when you were hosted by this family. Do you have another moment? Can you tell me another moment that was transformation for you?

Jake: Yeah. On my journey, I fell off a cliff and I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. And I realized that just before we die, a voice is gonna ask us if we really lived our life and I realized that I had something to share, that this was a message to be shared. And so I ended my journey, instead of continuing to travel around the world, and look with my eyes for things of the world, I decided that I was gonna enter 14 days silent meditation in Thailand, something I didn't foresee that I was going to be doing.

David: So you started to meditate after this moment?

Jake: After I had this accident. In fourteen days, silent meditation, what I realized there is that all of my pain, all of my suffering, all of my doubts, none of it was actually real. And while I sat there, my body was sore, I felt lonely, where I thought about my book, and I thought, “Well, you know, I'm 20 years old and this and that,” and I created all my excuses. I realized that none of it was actually real and then I could be free from…

David: The meditation helped you to clean your soul, to clean your body, right?

Jake: Yeah, and to separate who I am right now from my past.

David: Okay. It's amazing meditation because a lot of people are struggling to meditate and to be persistent to meditate. Like me, for example, how can we become persistent in meditation everyday, for example?

Jake: It's the same parallel, I guess, with everything in our life. How do we get anything? And Les Brown says that if you want result in anything, you have to engage in consistent action. And I think a great analogy is like when somebody is like, “Well, I tried this diet and I tried to lose this weight.” And you're like, “How long did you do it for?” And they're like, “I did it for five days.” You are not gonna be able to see any results if you are not consistently doing it. I interviewed Laird Hamilton, who wrote the forward to my book. He's the world champion, big wave surfer, he rides the huge waves. I said, “Laird, how do you get on giant waves? How do you do that?” And he just said, “I just do it.” He said, “I just don't think about it, I just do it.” So in terms of, your question was meditation, but maybe somebody else is asking, “How do I write a book?” You just sit down and you do it. And for some people, maybe you need to create a time allocation and say, “For 10 minutes, I'm gonna do this,” and that seems to work.

David: And how many times do you… How long do you meditate every day?

Jake: I don't have a set plan because I feel that that's too much of like a rigid structure, you know. Sometimes I might just sit down because it relaxes me, it helps me detach from the past, or those stories, or clean myself out, as you were saying. And so I just do it. I used to set a timer or think something like that, and now I just do it till I feel connected with who I really am, and my power, and my confidence. When I feel all of that aligning back up.

David: And you do it every day, right?

Jake: Yeah.

David: Right. I love that.

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