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How to be successful as a woman ? – Sharon Lechter

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– [David] Hello achievers.
Today I am with a new,
amazing woman she is the
co-producer of Outwitting the Devil. You
have to read this book and buy it on
Amazon. She's with me to answer my
questions. She's Sharon Lechter and
you'll love this interview.
Hello, Sharon.
– [Sharon] Hello, David. How are you?
– It's an awesome day and I'm very glad to
do a new interview with you.
I would like to know, what is the message
of Outwitting the Devil?
– Well, Napoleon Hill wrote the book
Think and Grow Rich and it was released
in 1937.
– Great book.
– Yes, it's an incredible book and over
60 to 100 million have been
sold around the world. But it was
released, as I said, in 1937 and it was
after a lifetime of work. He spent 25
years in his research and developing that
book. But when it was released, he was
frustrated because he said,
“Even though people know what they're
supposed to do to be successful,
they don't do it.” And so he was
frustrated even though it was the
culmination of his life's work, so he sat
down and he wrote a manuscript called
Outwitting the Devil that was about those
self-limiting beliefs,
those things that hold us back from
achieving the success we deserve.
But the title scared his wife to death and
she forbid it from being published,
and so it was locked away for 74 years.
The Foundation got custody of it about
four or five years ago and they called me
and we released it in 2011.
And I think there was a greater power at
work because Think and Grow Rich came
out and it was a huge success and as
powerful today as it was then.
But I don't think the world was ready for
Outwitting the Devil back then but today
because of the economic turmoil we've had
globally, Outwitting the Devil is kind
of a kick in the pants to say, it's our
own fear. We so often are our own worst
enemy. We hold ourselves back.
And the book Outwitting the Devil, is he
addresses it head on. He introduces seven
steps to help you get past those
obstacles, to outwit the Devil,
outwit those fears in order to achieve the
success you deserve.
– Do you know if it's a true story?
Because it's an amazing story.
What do you know about it?
– Well, at the beginning of the book,
Napoleon Hill, he talks about his own life
and he shares his own ups and downs about
what led him to sit down and write the
book. And he says he has this epiphany one
night, and he has this conversation with
the Devil. And he says, “You the reader,
have the power, you can choose whether you
think I was really talking to the real
Devil, or if I was talking to an imaginary
devil. It doesn't really matter if you
derive benefit from what I share.” And so
the reader, people who tend to say
“Oh, I don't believe in the Devil,” and
walk away, they are demonstrating exactly
what he's talking about in the book.
They're letting their fear of that topic,
keep them from deriving benefit from the
steps that he shares. So it's very
important for us to look at how many times
do we shut off our mind and not learn
because we have a prejudice against
something or someone? We allow our fear to
prevent us from learning and moving to the
next level.
– Yes, thank you very much. Amazing story.
– Well they say, when the student is
ready, the teacher appears,
and so that sounds appropriate.
– Another thing important for you is to
help youth to grow.
What is your message for youths?
– Well it's so important today because the
global world has changed so quickly
economically, that young people need to
take accountability and responsibility for
their own lives. And they need to
basically say, “I am going to do what I
need to, to provide for myself, and not
rely on someone else, an employer or the
government. Don't expect the world to come
to you, you go out and conquer it,
and achieve the life that you want because
everything…anything is possible.
With the internet it's so much easier to
start a business, and to market your
business, and communicate. And so you have
a tremendous opportunity.
It's never been easier to create a winning
business than it is today.
You just need to get yourself aligned. And
the most successful business does one of
two things: solves a problem or serves a
need. So determine what problem,
or what need you're filling. You're
solving a problem or you're filling a need
and then go for it and create the solution
and then share it with people that
want it.
– And you are working on a movie right
now? What is this movie and when can we
see that?
– I'm very excited. It's a movie that's
based on promoting Outwitting the Devil
and it's actually called Definitive
And the screenplay is actually
written about four young men whom are
friends at a younger age, playing cards
and they've all read the book, Outwitting
The Devil.
And they all four go in
different paths and this kind of steps
between a 30 year period, then and now.
And it's an incredible, incredible story,
heart warming story.
One young man was born into wealth.
Another was born into the minority world
but yet very strong Christian. Another one
was hard working, worked for everything he
could, very industrious, a capitalist. And
then the other one was somebody that was
kind of…a little bit liked to walk on
the edge and be a little bit of a rogue.
And so it talks about all their four
personalities and philosophies and how
each one of them internalized messages
from Outwitting the Devil to change
their lives.
– What is the main message at the end of
the movie? What do you get when you finish
the movie?
– Well the movie is intended to take those
principles of conquering fear,
and taking control of your own life, and
becoming the CEO of your own life.
Putting yourself in the driver seat and
making sure that anything is possible.
When you're driving the car, you have a
big windshield. You can go anywhere you
want to, you have that choice. You have a
small rear-view mirror.
Only learn from your past. Just take what
helps you speed your way in the future.
Don't let the past define you.
– My last question, I don't know if you
can answer now, but I ask you that,
I have a lot of women following me now so
you will write a book for women.
Think And Grow Rich for Women.
Do you have some keys for women who
are following us now to succeed in life
and think and grow rich?
– Well it's very important because a lot
of, particularly young women,
read Think and Grow Rich as it was
written in the 1930s. And of course,
back then, there were very few women in
the workforce. And so it was written
primarily about men who were successful,
and by men, and yes for men,
and through men's eyes. And so a lot of
young women read it and feel like it's
quite sexist and chauvinistic. Well no, it
really isn't. It was just the facts of
life at that point in time. And so many of
us who are a little bit older who found
value in the original Think and Grow
that are women, realize and take
the strength and the nuggets of truth out
of the book and then applied them to our
lives. And so my goal is, to take and
parallel Think and Grow Rich with Think
and Grow Rich for Women. I'm only
including women in it. And I'm drawing
women from history, some that are not with
us anymore but their philosophies and
their actions on how they created success
in their lives and how those success
principles are the same as what's to share
Think and Grow Rich. And then I'm
talking to women leaders today that are
leaders in the spiritual world,
leaders in the economic world, and the
business world, all around the globe.
Women who are celebrities people know,
other women you don't know.
Some are just starting out, but they're
finding strength from the messages shared
in Think and Grow Rich. And I want to make
it so it's easier to read and easier to
understand for women that will be able to
see those principles of success that are
crafted by women, for women.
– Do you have just one
advice today for women?
– Well, absolutely. Do not enter a room
with a chip on your shoulder.
Do not enter the room as a woman wanting
to do business. Enter a room as a business
person wanting to do business. And the
fact that you're a woman should be an
attribute. But don't go in there with a
chip on your shoulder because the ability
to collaborate is where the future of
business is and women are much better
collaborators. It's really a perfect
tipping point. We now have over 50%
of women in the workforce and
that's just happened in the last couple of
years. So we have that opportunity, as
women, to re-define in a positive way the
business culture. And this is a huge
opportunity which is why we're doing the
book now.
– Right. Do you know when
we can find this book?
– Well, it's going to be released
in May or June of 2014.
– Just say me, I will promote it.
– We'll count on you.
– Thank you, very much.
– Thank you.
– It was awesome.
– My pleasure.
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