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Are you tired of accepting these labels ? – 1 min that changed millions

For way too long, we're allowed people, to label us, and tell us who we are. At times, we're tired of the pain it causes and how much it affects us. Why do people see us like this? Why are they so critical of us? They judge us without really knowing we are. We accept these labels. We accept to repeatedly act out these labels until we believe they are true. And we end up presenting ourselves to others with this imposed identity. You know, anything that follows “I am”, we end up becoming. Then we resent those around us… we complain about not being able to have the life we deserve. But what if it wasn't others who imposed these labels on us, but rather us who made the choice to accept them? No matter what we do, who we are, where we are: people are going to pidgeon
hole us. I don't know about you but I will not let people tell me who I am. So maybe we don't have the power to keep people from doing this, but we do have the power to create our own labels. We do have the power to decide and define who we are. The reals questions are : Who do you want to BE? What will you do to make your life extraordinary? Today, remember who you are? Where you come from? and be free to be yourself. Be free to make your life extraordinary. Be free to label yourself as you deserve.

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