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[35 / 100] DESTROY YOUR OBSTACLES ! #BeGreat

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Hello my friend I am David Laroche, the French speaker. And in this video I would like to speak with you on how you can overcome your challenges. I want to share your inspiration to help you to overcome any challenges in your life. And in this video you will discover four ways to do that. But before that take the commitment that you will go at the end of the video and apply what we will see today. Because if you just learn what we will see and never apply we don't have the results. So if you are looking at this video there is two options. One option can be that you are loving what I am doing and you are watching all the daily videos. And the second option is that you have something to overcome today or maybe both. So if you have to overcome a challenge today, an obstacle, this video is for you.

Destroy your obstacles !

The first thing that you have to understand if you want to overcome something is you need to see what you are living as an opportunity. If you are not able to see what is happening as an opportunity, you will not be able to feel good. Because the moment you see more loss than gain you start to feel pain. So the key is to find a balance between the loss and the gain. And for that we have to educate ourselves to find the gift behind our challenges, behind our problems. For example, if you are fired from your company it may be one of the most, one of the biggest struggles you can live. But in a way is it possible that one day you will be able to be grateful about that? So if one day you will be able to be grateful it's because in these challenges there is something inside that it's a gift, a hidden gift and you can find it. The key for you now is to ask yourself: what is the gift in this situation, in this circumstance? The more you train yourself to list down benefits, advantages for you to live this problem, to live this struggle the more you will be free to overcome it. So for example, if you are fired find benefits like I will be able to achieve my dream to create a company. I will be able to find another job, it will fit more about me. Maybe I'm learning that I did a small mistakes and I will be able to improve it the next time. It's a gift because the way I will manage it I will be able to inspire other people. So find the gifts in a circumstance, in a problem and you will be able to find the balance between seeing the loss and now seeing the gain. And when it's balanced you stop to feel stress and pain about the challenge. You understand that it's perfectly balanced and this challenge, this problem is created only for one thing. It's to help you to grow. How can we grow without challenges? We cannot grow without something that it's pushing us to go to the next level. We are not growing so much when we succeed easily. We are growing easily and fast and quickly when we have something to push. And we need a challenge to be able to grow.

Destroy your obstacles !

The second thing that I would like to give you today is, is it possible that one day you will laugh about that? You will smile. You will make a lot of noise being grateful and say, “Thank you very much. Thank you to have been fired.” Is it possible? “Yes.” I am sure you have lived many moments in your life where it was a struggle in this moment but now in connecting the dots you're able to say that it's perfect. Because when you see that in a different perspective you are able to see all the journey. So what you understand now is maybe now you are not able to see the gift but you know that one day you will be able maybe to laugh or to be grateful as you grow next to that. So if you know that one day you will laugh, why wait? Why not start to laugh now? Just because when you laugh you feel good, and when you feel good you are more able to access to your brain and think and find a way to overcome. So it's a system.

Destroy your obstacles !

The next thing is to decide something, is to decide to use that as an opportunity to grow. It's a little bit different than the first one. The first one you are looking for the benefits, the opportunities. You are looking for how this is an opportunity. In this place, in this moment, in this key it's not that. It's more I lived that so now I take the decision and the commitment to use that to do what I should not do. But I'm doing it because I'm using my pain to find the power to do that. So I am creating something that I was not able to create before thanks to that. So one thing is to see the opportunity another thing is to create those opportunities. Okay? And the last thing is to understand that no matter what you live, no matter your challenges, no matter your struggles you can inspire someone. Right? So when you understand that your challenge is an opportunity to inspire the people you love. Inspire the community. Inspire human beings. It's an opportunity to create books, to do conferences, to do online videos just to share your inspiration. You understand that no matter what you live it's a source of inspiration for other people in the way you will overcome it. So if you are fired in the way you will overcome i will become a source of inspiration. I don't know what can happen if you lose money but you start to stand up again and overcome it and it will be a source of inspiration for other people. We are inspired by amazing story and we have the opportunity to create our own amazing story. So just let that happen and apply those four keys. Find the hidden gift. Laugh without understand if it's funny or not but laugh.

Destroy your obstacles !

Third, decide to create opportunities thanks to what was happening. And the next one is understand that you can inspire people thanks to what you are living and it will help you to find power. In the next videos, we will see how to become more and more confident. Okay. So watch the next video but before that click on the “Like” button. You know that I did a one day seminar today and it's a five day seminars. It's my 10th days of seminars and I'm taking the time to do a free video at the end of my day for you.

So tell me what you want to know in the next videos. Tell me in this video how you will apply this video and click on the “Like” button. You have to know that if you love what I'm doing each time you click on the “Like” button you help the system to promote my videos itself. So we need together comments, likes and share to be able to go to the next level. The more we will be, the more I will give you value because I will be able to create new things. Okay? So see you tomorrow to become more and more confident. Thank you.
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